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POM 9 Somersault Stitch Bookmark


The best thing about Counted Cross Stitch is what Ginnie said in Linen Stitches; "Doing one stitch only is like marching: one steps at a steady pace. If the marcher changes rhythm occasionally and does a few side steps, the march can become a jig, a minuet, a polka, a waltz. If to the neat mosaic of cross stitch we add a few special pulled thread stitches, the contented cross stitch becomes a joyous stitcher, the steady march becomes a dance."
This is certainly true of the Somersault Stitch. Complete instructions with diagrams will make it easy for you. The edge is Nun's Stitch and the drawn work (where threads are withdrawn) is Somersault Stitch. Your needle flips the threads, a pair at a time, and the long thread through the center keeps them in order.

Nun's stitch is hands down the most indispensable stitch I know! Also easy as pie and a strong, tidy edge for many projects.

Chart/Instructions: $10.50
Chart/Instructions with Thread (100, 208, 280, 250, 454): $17.25

LS15 Biscornu Pincushion

Such a funny word! This pincushion looks complicated but it isn't. The top piece and the bottom piece of the pincushion are both the same size square of linen. What makes it fun is rotating the top piece a quarter turn from the bottom piece and joining them together. The dictionary defines "biscornu" as "crooked and weird-looking." This one has modified klosters around the openings where threads have been removed and Dove's Eyes are worked in the empty spaces. Seriously, this much fun should be illegal!

Complete Illustrated instructions are included for Klosters, Dove's Eye Filling, Woven Cross Stitch, Chain Stitch, and Chain Stitch Joining.

Chart/Instructions Only: $10.50
Chart/Instructions with Thread
(100, 457): $13.20

LS15 Biscornu



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